Jean-Baptiste Chuat is a French-German conceptual designer, published Illustrator and writer-director of award-winning short films.

His directorial work has been invited to prestigious film festivals around the world, including SAN SEBASTIAN, the INTERNATIONAL FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL, WARSAW, SLEEPWALKERS, 13th STREET SHOCKING SHORTS, MAX OPHUELS PREIS, and the Short film corner at cannes, among others. He is a graduate from Filmakademie Baden-WÜRTTEMBERG and the UCLA-Extension program in Hollywood.

ALONGSIDE DEVELOPING HIS PERSONAL PROJECTS, Jean-Baptiste offers services as a concept Designer, SToryboard Artist, and art directOR for the entErtainment industry. followING his distinct passion for otherworldly beings, Jean-Baptiste recently founded JBCHUAT LLC, a U.S. Based design studio dedicated to creating unique, state of the art character and creature designs for film, television and games.